Did the Israel attack an Iranian WMD site in Syria? –

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April 17, 2019 AAA -Headline ScrollerBeyond the MatrixLatest Shows 0

Did Israel attack an Iranian WMD Site in Syria? Rod Reuven Dovid Bryant and Jerry Gordon interview Stephen Bryen, noted Washington, DC military technologist, Asia Times columnist and former Reagan era Pentagon official on the revelations following the latest Israel Air Force mission in Syria. It appears that the raid may have taken out an Iranian WMD site in Hama, Syria that appeared to be modeled on the disputed Parchin nuclear trigger test site in Iran. Bryen noted that the IAF air attack launched precision Delilah cruise missiles from the Northern Lebanon airspace that struck the Iranian surface missile production and training site. There were several Iranian and Hezbollah casualties from the IAF attack. The before and after satellite photos revealed the accuracy of the missile attack. No word on whether the Syrians launched Russian supplied S-300 air defense missiles. Bryen also discussed the recent loss of a Japanese F-35 in the Pacific and the strenuous efforts to recover the wreckage. We reviewed the problematic Turkish announcement of its acquisition of a Russian S-400 system and US holdback of further deliveries of the F-35; less than six have been delivered. Bryen spoke of the conundrum of the Incirlik NATO air base in Turkey and the necessity of removing US-supplied nuclear weapons stored there. The Iranian announcement of the leasing of the Port of Latakia with the Assad regime raised questions about possible threats to Israel. Tehran could establish a naval and possible submarine base on the Syrian Mediterranean Coast. We also discussed Russian objections to the Iran Latakia port deal which is near the Russian naval base at Tartus. Possible threats from the Iranian Latakia port deal could impact security of both Israeli and Cypriot offshore gas production platforms in their respective exclusive economic zones. Bryen proposed that in addition to Israeli naval and air surveillance that guns should be mounted on those platforms to repel possible attacks. Iran, he suggested, might not directly attack those gas platforms. However, it might use proxies like Hezbollah and Hamas. US national security echelons raised objections to Israeli Port Authority long term management contracts with a Chinese firm. Bryen noted that those contracts were apparently negotiated without consultation with the Netanyahu government. Meanwhile the US government has yet to interfere in Chinese management contracts in ports like Long Beach, California adjacent to a US Navy facility. Bryen noted that there are many Chinese port management arrangements in Asia, Africa, Europe, as well as Israel and the US.