My DNA and the Baltimore Ravens

By Stephen Bryen

The Baltimore Ravens football team is giving fans a “branded” DNA kit this Sunday.  I recommend fans throw these kits in the trash, or better yet flush them down the Ravens’ toilets.  The clog up will do them some good.

This asinine publicity stunt hints at something more sinister.  Why would they be collecting the DNA of Ravens’ fans?  What are they looking for? Who will ultimately get their hands on this information?

Ravens DNA packet

For sure the data can be mined.  The Ravens will be able to identify who their ticket holders are and figure out their ethnicity and other related information about them.  That’s for starters.  Then who will use or manipulate this data?  Keep in mind this is data related to Football, a violent sport (that I happen to like, but if I had lived at the different time I probably would have liked Gladiators).

Will law enforcement want to have this information?  

Would you willingly give up your fingerprint to someone you don’t know?  This is infinitely worse.

Checking your DNA is a personal and private matter.  I did it, but I was keenly disappointed I was not next in line to the British throne or a direct descendent of Steve Jobs.  But alas these disappointments are part of life.

More seriously, what in the world could have possibly motivated the Baltimore Ravens to do something this obnoxious, stupid and privacy invasive? If you personally decide to check your DNA, you choose the firm and make sure it protects privacy.  Your DNA test doesn’t say “Property of the Baltimore Ravens” or whoever put up the money for this ridiculous and insensitive stunt.