Essays in Technology, Security and Strategy Published

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Powerful writings focused on how technology impacts national security decision making and strategy. Volume III covers NATO, Russia, Korea, China, Middle East, Terrorism, Weapons, Technology and more. Learn more than anywhere else about missile defense, hypersonic weapons, drones and cruise missiles and the latest from threats from China, Iran, North Korea and Russia. Understand how the US, its allies and friends (including Israel) are responding to changing military and political challenges.

“The third volume of Stephen Bryen’s essays on technology and diplomacy is about to appear. You will look far and wide to find anything comparable. Steve was a brilliant officer in Ronald Reagan’s Pentagon, and then a wizard at the head of Finmeccanica, the Italian company’s American division. The current batch of essays explores the complicated ways in which the post-Cold War world seeks to sort itself into a new paradigm. There is no one better.”

-Michael Ledeen, Historian, Author and adviser to the Secretary of State

“I never fail to gain new insights from reading Dr. Stephen Bryen’s books and essays and Volume III of “Essays in Technology, Security and Strategy” is no exception. I highly recommend it to anyone interested or working in international security matters.”

–The Honorable David Q. Bates, Jr.
Assistant to the President and Secretary to the Cabinet for former President George H. W. Bush

“These thoughtful essays help illuminate the essential but insufficiently understood nexus between technology and national security strategy. This volume should be of immense interest and value to foreign policy professionals in a rapidly changing world.”

-Clifford D. May
Founder and president, Foundation for Defense of Democracies

“As a defense reporter for more than 30 years, I was heavily reliant on the foresight, analysis and unquestionable integrity of Steve and Shoshana Bryen. For decades, these courageous bellwethers of emerging threats sounded political, operational and technical alarms way before the mainstream caught up with them. Whether it was the Pentagon’s undue dependence on commercial software; Russian advances in hypersonic technology that threatened end-runs around US missile defenses and stealth platforms; or Israel’s willingness to award critical infrastructure projects to the Chinese, the Bryen’s never pulled punches in their ultimate interest of safeguarding US national security and interests. Kudos on this third volume of essays, which is well worth the read.”

–Barbara Opall-Rome
Former Israel Bureau Chief, Defense News and founding executive editor/host of “Strictly Security,” i24News

“A gem of a collection by the architect of America’s export security policy during the Reagan years, brilliant cyber security expert, whose deep understanding of theoretical issues (a doctorate in political science didn’t hurt) is equaled only by his business savvy. Each of these essays offers profound insights into the strategic challenges of our time – and they are well written, in an easy and clear style.”

–Juliana Pilon
Senior Fellow at the Alexander Hamilton Institute for the Study of Western Civilization in Clinton, New York