Essays in Technology, Security and Strategy Volume II Now Available on Kindle and iBooks & Paperback

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This important new volume of Essays provides a unique and powerful perspective on global security issues challenging today’s policy makers. Key issue areas including Russia, North Korea, Syria, Turkey, Iran and NATO are examined critically. Included are on point assessments of cyber security and how to fix the problem to better protect the critical infrastructure, including the government and military.

Written by Stephen Bryen with articles co-authored by Shoshana Bryen, Rachel Ehrenfeld and Rear Admiral Norman T. Saunders, these hard hitting articles should prove helpful for top policy makers and for informed citizens and scholars.

Dr. Stephen Bryen has 50 years of experience in academia, government and industry and is an expert on defense strategy and technology. 

He has served as an Assistant Professor of Government at Lehigh University, as Senior Staff Director of the U.S. Senate Foreign Relations Committee, as the Executive Director of a grass roots political organization, as the head of the Jewish Institute for National Security Affairs, as the Deputy Under Secretary of Defense for Trade Security Policy, as the founder and first director of the Defense Technology Security Administration, as the President of Delta Tech Inc., as the President of Finmeccanica North America (now Leonardo), and as a Commissioner of the U.S. China Security Review Commission. In addition Dr. Bryen is the author of three major books on national security and book segments and introductions, as well as countless articles in professional and popular journals.

Dr. Bryen currently is a Senior Fellow at the American Center for Democracy. He is a Senior Fellow and Board Member of Il Nodo di Gordio (The Gordian Knot), a major Italian think tank focused on geopolitics, and of the Taiwan Institute for Economic, Social and Political Studies. In addition, Dr. Bryen is on the Board of Directors of the U.S. Israel Bi-National Science Foundation.

Shoshana Bryen is a senior director at the Jewish Policy Center in Washington DC.

Dr. Rachel Ehrenfeld is a well-published author and founder and head of the American Center for Democracy.

Rear Admiral Norman T. Saunders (US Coast Guard, Retired) is a strategy expert focusing on naval security.​

Essays Volume II is available for Kindle (Amazon), iBooks (Apple) and in paperback (print version).