Trophy System Contract Awarded to Protect Abrams Tanks

by Stephen Bryen

The US Government announced today it was acquiring the Israeli-developed Trophy active defense system.

Trophy will be under a prime contract with Leonardo DRS, the partner of Israel’s Rafael system, the developer.

“Leonardo DRS, Inc. announced today that it has been awarded a contract worth $193M to provide the U.S. Army with TROPHY active protection systems (APS) for its Abrams tanks in support of immediate operational requirements. The Army selected the TROPHY APS to equip tank battalions of two armored brigades operating M-1A2 SEP2 tanks, following extensive tests that proved the maturity and readiness of the system.”

According to Rafael the company has already supplied more than 1,000 Trophy units for use on Israeli tanks and other vehicles.  The system is well battle tested and has proven able to protect tanks and vehicles from fatal damages both to the vehicles and the crews.  US Army Col. Glenn Dean  told last year that ““I tried to kill the Abrams tank 48 times and failed,” when the vehicles were equipped with the Trophy active defense system.

Last February I argued that the Trophy system was important for US defense.

That article was printed in Asia Times and he reproduced below.


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Stephen Bryen FEBRUARY 2, 2018 10:22 AM (UTC+8)

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