Trump’s Anger and Hurt is Fully Justified

by Stephen Bryen

Believe or not the carping press and the carping politicians in Washington are carping yet again, this time because a triumphant President Trump has called them all what they are, or become.

He is not going to apologize for anything because there is nothing to apologize for, and he certainly is justified on carrying the war to them, after three years suffering abuse, outrage, plots, false accusations, misrepresentations, ugly innuendo, and more, much more.

Think about it. 

The very fact that the President, a very proud man, has been held up to constant ridicule and abuse by a self-entitled elite, and has been accused, charged, tried but not convicted for crimes that never happened, all in the hope of getting him kicked out of office, out of Washington.

Consider the hurt that caused him, his wife, his children and his self-esteem?

Think about how black the nights must have been, as for a while it looked like every voice was raised against him.

Fake. Fake. Fake.  

Millions of dollars spent on false intelligence by the Democratic National Party, an unprecedented abuse that appears to have no consequence for the vile perpetrators.

Any normal person would not have strong enough shoulders to carry the pain inflicted by slanderous, immoral means.

And to have the FBI and CIA involved in a coup attempt is an abomination in America.  Worse yet that a secret star chamber court, that is hideous and should not be tolerated in a Republic where basic rights are guaranteed, played in the plot to destroy the President. 

Every judge on the FISA court ought to go to jail.  Surely they should all resign.  But, alas, they like the others are not honorable people.

So no wonder the President is roaring angry and wants justice.  It is now his turn to make war.

But when the blast of war blows in our ears,
Then imitate the action of the tiger;
Stiffen the sinews, summon up the blood,
Disguise fair nature with hard-favour’d rage;
Then lend the eye a terrible aspect;
Let pry through the portage of the head
Like the brass cannon; let the brow o’erwhelm it
As fearfully as doth a galled rock
O’erhang and jutty his confounded base,
Swill’d with the wild and wasteful ocean.
Now set the teeth and stretch the nostril wide,
Hold hard the breath and bend up every spirit
To his full height. 
–William Shakespeare, Henry V